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You’re not alone

You have made it to NewChapter1. The first thing you should know is that you’re not alone. Whether you’re here because you are in need of support, want to learn a bit about mental health or if you feel someone else is struggling WE ARE HERE. We are a new mental health team who are extremely passionate about helping people get back on their feet.

We have partnered with an all new gym called YourBody. They are the experts in getting you active and physically healthy while we work on regaining your mental health and overall confidence. Our dedicated team is always ready to talk about the big and the small things.

A common misconception about struggling with mental health issues is that you need to be in the worst place possible before to need to speak with anyone. That is not the case! Just talking to someone every now and then can really support your mental health more than you think.

Our Ambassadors

Amanda Carter-Philpott

It is with huge sadness that we share the news that one of our community, Amanda Carter-Philpott, passed away on April 17th.

Amanda was one of the leading advocates and supporters of ending men’s violence against women. She was championed and one of the key members of the White Ribbon who highlighted and brought forward the current situation by engaging men and boys to end violence against girls and women.

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Leon Robinson

Leon Robinson was a kind and gentle soul, who would lend an ear to anyone that needed a chat and would offer support and advice where he could.

Leon has been made an ambassador of the “New Chapter 1 CIC”, where we aim to help like-minded people who struggle with addiction and mental health as well as those who need a safe haven and support where possible

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Jay Fathers

It is with great sadness that Jay Fathers was found with serious stab wounds and was treated by paramedics from South Central Ambulance Service and his friends.

Sadly, he died later that evening at Milton Keynes University Hospital due to his injuries.

Jay was a cheeky, happy, loyal and very funny young man, He had the kindest of hearts and always thought of others before himself.

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George Williams

Lived in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England.

George was a family man, and would do anything for anyone with his cheeky smile he would light up any room.

He was a very good friend to me and work colleague. we have many adventures together growing up in a rapidly changing world.

To my friend George, I will never forget you.

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Accessing our services

Our services at NewChapter1 are completely free and we welcome anyone from all walks of life no matter the situation.

Accessing services can sometimes be daunting for many and we aim to alleviate this by:-

  • Providing a friendly and approachable Service.
  • Providing culturally sensitive services that are better able to meet the needs of a diverse local community.
  • Improve access to services for hard to engage communities.
  • Tackle the stigma, cultural taboos and discrimination that exists.
  • Helping people connect with like minded people and providing a supportive network
  • Providing a safe space to explore challenges faced by BAME and other communities and promote wellbeing.

Feel free to send us a message via our contact form, directly by email or even give us a call if you feel you need any sort of support or just someone to talk to.

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