Violence Against Women

NC1 & Violence Against Women

New Chapter 1 is a non-profit organisation based in Milton Keynes that is dedicated to ending violence against women and girls. The organisation has been working tirelessly with various partners, including the White Ribbon Charity, to achieve this goal.

WhiteRibbon is the UK’s leading charity that encourages men and boys to take a stand against violence towards women and girls. New Chapter 1 has been working closely with the campaign to raise awareness and educate people about the issue of violence against women. This partnership has resulted in various campaigns and initiatives aimed at reducing violence against women and promoting gender equality.

One of our founders is an ambassador for White Ribbon who was been asked to join the organisation at the recommendation of Amanda Phil-Pott Carter who has since sadly passed away. In memory of Amanda and her family, New Chapter 1 has also been collaborating with other organisations, such as the local police department and healthcare providers, to provide support for women who have experienced violence. The organisation works to ensure that women are aware of the services available to them and that they have access to the resources they need to recover and heal from their experiences.

The New Chapter 1 offices provide a safe space for women to come and talk about their past experiences. Our expert team of councillors will make you feel safe in a calm and relaxing environment.

In conclusion, through educational programs, collaboration with other organisations, and public awareness campaigns, New Chapter 1 is making significant strides towards achieving its goal of ending violence against women in Milton Keynes and beyond.