Personal Biography of Marie Whitcomb (Care Co-ordinator) New Chapter 1

My name is Marie Whitcomb, and I am the Care co-coordinator for New Chapter 1, I am a natural leader and responsible for the General operations and leading Of New chapter 1, as well as providing mentoring and support to those who access the service. One Chapter enables members of the Public to access this service to receive support and have a safe space to come to whenever needed. We believe in empowering, respecting and appreciating every person in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education and national
origin. Our aim here at new chapter 1 is to create a business network for people in the community who feel socially excluded, by creating a confidential and safe space for people to gain back their self-worth and confidence We are creative and will find new ways of achieving inclusion for all people in the community.

I Have recently worked in the health care sector for the last 9 years working closely with the elderly that have been diagnosed with advanced mixed Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and borderline mental health conditions. I was one of the leading bodies of the care provider and become the Unit Manager of residential dementia/ Nursing Community working closely with different healthcare professionals to provide a care that supports the well-being of the residents that resided within that community , I massively enjoyed my job and it brought me so much joy and happiness. I felt it was then time to move forward with my interest in the mental health sector that when I found New Chapter 1.

Following from this I previously attended Milton Keynes College where I undertook and passed with a Triple Grade Distinction in Level 3 National Diploma in Health and Social care. I then went on to study at Northampton University completing my degree and achieving my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social & Community Development. During my time of Study, I was very involved in distance learning and undertook different courses that were of interest to me. I completed a 7-day course called the Total Training Care Certificate this included conducting topics of interest to me such as Duty of care, Equality and diversity, Basic life support, Awareness of mental health, Dementia and learning disability and safeguarding adults/children.

Here is a little bit about myself, I am 32 years old living with my partner here in Milton Keynes . I have 4 brothers 5 sisters and a lot of extended family. I grew up living in west Bletchley as a child and attended lord Grey school.

Currently, I enjoy training at the gym seeing my loved ones on family fun day Sunday and spending time with my girlfriends. I enjoy going out for dinner, watching movies and getting hooked on drama series. I still often attend the care home I used to work at to see all my lovely residents that still reside there. My partner and I often spend the weekends doing something fun whether this bowling, Playing pool, travelling away to a different location, or just a simple pub lunch in the sun.

So there you go a little bit about me, why don’t you come down to New Chapter 1 and see what our service has to deliver and see how we can help and support you. I am here to listen  and support you in any way I can so tell me your story.