Laura Wood Biography

I have worked in care for the past 8 years and I have worked with a wide range of individual’s from supporting them in their own homes to learning disabilities within a residential care home, to supporting those with dementia and supporting their mental health. Within my time in care, I have gained knowledge on different support services and communicating with outside professionals to meet their own needs. My goals in my career are to continue progressing my knowledge and to continue supporting those who thrive on turning their lives around and are
committed in doing this and seeing how they have progressed with the professional help they have received in a safe environment. I thrive helping others to be the best at what they can be and see the potential they have to offer.

I have recently moved down to Milton Keynes to be with my partner I am originally from Tamworth ( so I have a brummie accent) and I have lived there all my life until last October. I have an older brother who I fondly look up to who is my male role model. I’ve seen him struggle through life and he has come out the other side.